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With over 25 years of battery manufacturing experience, JBM provides optimal, reliable battery technology for hard working, heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

JBM have always been cognizant of the importance of localizing the EV supply chain since the beginning of the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020. The move towards localization is driven by several factors including reducing costs, boosting, domestic manufacturing and promoting sustainable mobility solutions. Electric Vehicles rely on several key components to operate efficiently and sustainably. The core element of electric vehicle includes the battery pack, electric motor, power electronics and charging system. The battery & traction motor contributes the most to the cost of the vehicle. Power electronics are also critical to control and regulate the flow of electricity between the battery and motor. The charging system allows for convenient recharging of the battery pack from external power sources.

Increasing the localization of these subcomponents will promote self-reliance, reduce dependency on imports and strengthen the domestic manufacturing ecosystem in India. Localizing these components will foster technological advancement, drives innovation and create job opportunities. In long term, it will drive cost reduction, improve supply chain efficiently, and support government’s vision of promoting electric mobility, sustainability, and a greener future.

With a dynamically growing EV market, battery chemistry is expected to evolve to meet the changing needs of consumers and manufacturers. In electric buses, battery technology is extremely critical considering the safety, performance parameters and high asset utilization basis using NMC batteries.

JBM Battery Technology

JBM focuses its R&D efforts on advancing its Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology, delivering the highest standard for safety, longevity and reliability.

JBM Safety

JBM revolutionary Iron-Phosphate Batteries are completely non-toxic and safe even in the most extreme conditions.

JBM Drivetrain

JBM drivetrain has an integrated system that allows JBM to optimize and achieve highest levels of performance.
Some of the key features of Smart Batteries:

  • Advanced Lithium – Ion Battery: Built using highly efficient Lithium-ion battery technology, which is lightweight and has a long-life
  • 3 on-board computers optimize performance: Intelligent Battery Management System helps keep a constant check on the battery vitals and optimize performance for long life and high levels of safety
  • High level of Security: Tough, tamperproof exterior with electro-mechanical lock, with over 30 onboard sensors and GPS tracking system that ensures security against misuse/theft
  • Robust design for Global conditions: Protection against rough handling, tampering, high temperatures and humidity as it is designed from the ground up for Indian operating environment
  • Environmentally friendly: No heavy metals or toxic chemicals
  • Long life: After 10,000 cycles, the battery retains 70% of its original capacity, which enables us to provide a 12-year warranty—the longest in the industry
  • Safe: Tested in the most extreme conditions
  • Excellent performance in extreme temperatures
  • Reliable operation from – 40° F to 140° F

JBM Electric Vehicles Pvt. Limited is fully charged to drive the future of e-mobility in India. We have built a strong infrastructural base to support the growth of electric vehicles in the public transportation space. Our charging infrastructure is one of the best in the country and we continue to invest in strengthening the same.

One of the Largest Ultra HV EV Battery Facilities in India.

LI-ON Battery manufacturer: Cell to Pack

Remote Diagnostics For Electric Buses

We manufacture Li-ion battery power systems with high-performance and reliable powertrain range, rounded by state-of-the-art battery storage and management solutions. We design, develop and produce Li-ion battery packs with telematics solutions for all application needs like E-bus, E-PV, E-2W and E-3W.

Telematics solutions empower users to complete diagnostics and tracking with different business models.