25 Years of Innovation, Growth and Excellence

JBM Electric Vehicles Pvt. Limited is the fastest growing company of the US$ 2.60 bn JBM Group. JBM Group has a diversified portfolio in the field of automotive, buses & electric vehicles, EV charging Infra, and renewables, with an infrastructure of 60 manufacturing facilities,10 + Power Plants at 37 Global Locations, and 5 engineering & design Centre currently exporting to more than 25 countries. JBM’s focus on quality delivery, frugal engineering, low time-to-market and art-to-part philosophy has provided the group an invincible position in the automotive industry.

JBM Group is one of the world’s only integrated EV ecosystem players. The Group has developed an entire range of in-house EV solutions, i.e. ‘Well-to-Wheel’, making us a one-stop solution provider in the E-mobility domain. JBM has been working purposefully towards building a comprehensive and intelligent EV ecosystem that seamlessly integrates Electric Vehicles, Battery Technology, Fast Charging Infrastructure, and Power Electronics. We have developed in-house expertise in customizing these based on the operating pattern across various global geographies. Technological advancement has fundamentally improvised how consumers define the modern age mobility requirements. Owing to this, we have accelerated the development of intelligent, connected, autonomous and shared mobility solutions. JBM Group has been the vanguard of this evolution, pushing consensus for clean mobility and leading the growth chart of EV adoption in India. Our experience and expertise in this segment have allowed us to develop an end-to-end ecosystem for electric mobility. Our goal is to create a joyful and holistic mobility experience for the masses by offering intelligent electric vehicles backed by a robust infrastructure ecosystem that will enable EVs to become the most powerful and sustainable mode of public commuting. We are committed to contributing to this incredible vision and ensuring that COP nations meet their Net Zero targets.

Since launching our first electric buses in 2018, we have significantly transformed how people commute. Our best-in-class, ultra-modern, and technologically superior electric buses have redefined the market standards and customers’ aspirations by raising the bar in passenger comfort, safety, affordability and innovation. These characteristics reflect the true ethos of our products.

JBM Electric Vehicles Pvt. Limited is a leading manufacturer of key auto systems with a growing presence in the e-mobility space. Our dynamically evolving portfolio of revolutionary, future-ready products comprises auto systems, high-level assemblies, electric vehicles (EVs) and buses. We continuously leverage our core strengths, led by our strong R&D and innovation capabilities, to pursue excellence by applying alternative materials and technologies.

We at JBM Electric Vehicles Pvt. Limited have four key focus areas to drive us towards realising our vision for 2025. We continue investing in these areas to strengthen our future readiness to provide greener, cleaner, safer e-mobility solutions. Our pioneering initiatives towards steering Mobility 2.0 make us the preferred choice of millions of customers seeking next-generation mobility solutions to drive a better tomorrow.

We have recently accomplished a first-of-its-kind deployment of a complete end-to end ecosystem in Leh at 3300 meters above sea level. The ecosystem deployed encompasses all critical development, from solar EV charging, energy storage systems, EV charging infrastructure and electric vehicles. We are equipped with cutting-edge technology to optimize our customers’ total cost of ownership (TCO) and drive value by creating customized solutions to address different needs. JBM’s latest electric bus manufacturing facility in India, one of the world’s most significant, is a testimony to our commitment to contribute to the incredible vision of Net Zero targets and make our E-Verse ecosystem a reality.


Expanding Leadership in our business by creating an agile environment that delivers excellence and delight to stakeholders through the power of people, innovation and technology.


A conscientious corporate citizen that prioritizes People Safety, Environment Conservation and Community welfare

Meet commitments, be sensitive to customer needs address issues with clarity and speed

The conscience to remain honest sincere and just in conduct at all

Accountability towards undertaken tasks with complete responsibility of outcomes

Foster trust, appreciate diversity of ideas, harness individual potential and channelize it to accomplish greater group goals

JBM Philosophy

“TIP – Enabling Innovation, Empowering People, Enhancing Technology”

Our focus on long-term capability building, both in terms of process and people, have been at the core of JBM’s business transformation in recent years. Continuous realignment has helped position us to grab the right opportunities.

Technology, Innovative business models and People (TIP), happen to be JBM’s springboard for achieving leadership position. As an organisation, JBM has swiftly aligned itself to these emerging trends and is becoming more robust by adopting frugal engineering practices, digitalizing production and enabling enhanced processes, thereby reducing the time to market. In line with its consistent focus towards upgrading the processes and systems with the most advanced technologies, graduating to AI and Digital Manufacturing has been seamless across its various businesses.

enhancing Technology

Partnered with technologically superieor global companies, modern manufacturing units with highly automated processes.

enabling Innovation

Committed to excellence through innovation.

empowering People

Nurture talent, provide career progression, grow human capital.


Employee Strength


Business Divisions


state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities


Turnover FY 21

Key Prerogatives

Moving from one milestone to another

Product to Solution Approach

Facilitating seamless art-to-part experience

Safer, Greener, Cleaner

Best way to predict the future is to create it

Technology Driving Value

Proud to be Indian, privileged to be Global

Sustainability Leading to Scalability

We are the Earth and the Earth is Us

Sustainability Leading to Scalability

Growing greener to grow bigger

JBM Electric Vehicles Pvt. Limited is focused on creating products that have the element of ‘green and sustainable’ embedded in them,even as they cater to tomorrow’s needs. As a responsible corporate, we continue to work towards ecological accountability blended with business growth. In pursuance of our business ethos and vision, we have imbued the organization with the spirit of eco-consciousness.

  • As a ‘Glocal’ company, we continue to adopt new technologies to develop environment-responsive products.
  • We believe in building synergies around ‘design to cost’, ‘design to functionality’ and ‘design to manufacturing’, enabling us to effectively propel our Green Growth journey.
  • Our products are customized to the future needs in an increasingly competitive environment and centered around the value proposition of total cost of ownership and quality.

JBM Electric Vehicles Pvt. Limited is a pioneer and a strong advocate of sustainability, which is highlighted by one of our 5 core values ”Safe & Green”. Sustainability is thus inherent and embedded into the organization DNA since its inception. In line all our plants are ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certified and comply with relevant legal requirements / law of the land.

Energy being complementary part of Environment has led us to integrate Energy along with EHS to rename it as EEHS. We drive all aspects of EEHS through Process & System Assessment and Performance Measurement technique. Process & System Assessment is done through Digital & Advanced 6S Audit and 12 Pillar Comprehensive Business Excellence Assessment Model. Performance Measurement is done through a comprehensive scoring mechanism, which is used to evaluate the improvement performance of each plant.

Energy & Environment Management

We drive a unique “PANCHTATTVA” approach across our plants which focuses on improving & optimizing our resources utilization in the 5 environmental aspects i.e., Prithvi (Soil Conservation), Agni (Energy Conservation), Vayu (Air Conservation), Jal (Water Conservation) & Akash (Space Utilization).

Various initiatives under each head are taken to reduce our overall Carbon Footprint which is measured through Energy Score comprising of 16 measurable parameters to track progress.

  • We drive multiple energy conservation projects through GTC approach where we focus on Generation, Transmission and Consumption Optimization.
  • We are working to make our plants Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) as well as reduction of specific water consumption.
  • We are also working to reduce fuel consumption as well as hazardous / non-hazardous waste reduction.
  • We also have a group-level drive called “SANKALP SIDDHI” where one of the aspects is to increase green cover in JBM units, where we planted 8,800 nos. of trees and thus helped in generating 8,800 tons of oxygen annually.
  • Our e-buses have clocked over 50 million e-kms till date and pledged to clock over 1 billion e-Kms in next 3-4 years

Occupational Health & Safety Management Our three non-negotiable values ISQ (Integrity, Safety & Quality) showcase our commitment towards the Health and Safety of our employees. Our EHS policy defines our approach and management commitment towards all aspects of safety. Under Sankalp Se Siddhi 3.0 drive, we have adopted a slogan of “No injury & ill health at workplace by adhering to safe working culture through implementation of robust safety assurance system”.

In line to achieve safety goals, we have “Safety Functional Mandate” consisting of five levers Behavior Based Safety (BBS), Machine Control Safety (MCS), Incidence Analysis, Process & System Standardization and lastly safety system governance & sustenance. Amongst these, BBS and MCS are the key approaches.

  • BBS includes people involvement, event celebration, competitions, rewards and recognition and safety habits / actions (safety pledge, safety walks etc.).
  • MCS includes installation/standardization of Poka yoke / sensors / guards / safety fencing / LOTO and machine safety levels identification (0 to 4). This also gives us an opportunity to enhance our machine through machine interlocking / self-alarming / escalation through digitization of safety measures.

Safety score calculation under the safety rating system helps us to build a competitive platform for all plants and thus sparks a zeal to improve safety standards. It comprises evaluation of 21 parameters which can be broadly classified under proactive, process and result parameters. Under Sankalp Siddhi, we conduct multiple engagement activities across plants for employees to improve on physical, mental & spiritual health aspects. It includes regular Yoga sessions, mental well-being, talks by health experts, health check-up camps, etc. We also have tie-ups with multiple health service providers to provide health services to all employees.

Skill Development Centre

At JBM Electric Vehicles Pvt. Limited, we have proactively aligned ourselves to the Indian government’s skill development programs, aimed at addressing the problem of unemployment, and plugging the gap between demand and supply of skilled manpower. We believe skill development is vital for empowering lives and creating a social impact. We have been partnering with state governments, ITIs (Industrial Training Institutes) and other specialized training institutions to support their skill development efforts over the past several years. Our Skill Development Center has also partnered for upgradation of employees’ qualifications through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in higher education, and a batch of 15 employees is undergoing the graduate program.

Our vision is to go PAN India by setting up self-sufficient centres in multiple states. Skilling is integral for maintaining the value chain for the success of this kind of ventures. Government recognized certified course ranging from one month to three years include both classroom training i.e., theoretical and real time training at mechanical shops where the trainees are trained for initial understanding and thereafter sent for on the job training. As part of the Industry-Institute partnership, we have associated with several ITIs, specialized training institutes, such as NSIC, as well as MSME Technology Centers, and State Skill Universities, to provide practical training support to students in the Company’s manufacturing units.

The Company is also supporting Shri Vishwakarma Skill University as an industry partner to offer B. Vocational Programs, viz. Tool & Die Manufacturing and Robotics & Automation. A total of 109 candidates have benefited from On-the Job Training (OJT)

Key initiatives during the year

  • We signed an MoU with Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation to engage and implement apprenticeship-based training programs for freshers, ITIs, as well as Diploma and Graduate candidates.
  • We signed an MoU with Bihar Skill Development Mission for providing Apprenticeship to 100 candidates.
  • Under our MoU with Directorate of Industrial Training, Arunachal Pradesh, we undertook training of 24 candidates.