• Equipped with High Standards of safetycritical components.
  • Meets Beyond regulatory compliance as per AISstandards.
  • All Key components qualifies IP standards for protection against water & dust.
  • Antilock Brake (ABS) system.
  • Emergency exit and switches.
  • Driver Panic Button &Passenger accessible SOS button integrated with ITS for emergency situation for safety
  • Efficient cooling system for best in class thermal management.
  • Efficient insulation monitoring and current sensing system for safety.
  • Fail-safe mechanisms for passenger & Vehicle safety (Insulation Measurement, In-Rush current protection, Short circuit protection, Overvoltage Protection, EMI/EMC protection, Vehicle interlock when door open , Fire protection and regular temperature monitoring ,High Voltage Interlock Loop Protection System , Explosion Prevention system)

Energy Storage & management system

  • Modular battery arrangement for optimized operations & economics with high Energy density packs of Li-ion battery technology.
  • OptimisedBMS state of algorithmand peak performance by highly accurate Monitoring of Li-ion cells parameter.
  • Liquid cooling technology- Better Thermal Management for battery performance optimization
  • Explosion prevention system.
  • Advanced battery management system (BMS).
  • Advanced Cell Balancingtechnology for longer battery life
  • Ease of transportation, installation, &low maintenance
  • Long Battery life cycle.
  • Designed for optimal performance of the vehicle.
  • Several warning and failure alarm algorithm in BMS for the better diagnostic & controls.
  • Regenerative braking- Bidirectional drive/Inverters used with highly conversion efficiency to reciprocating energy & feeding back to the batteries & enhancing over all range of the vehicle & optimize battery size
  • Options of Pantograph Charging

Vehicle Health Monitoring System

  • Interactive dashboard to monitor health status of vehicle- Device Temperature monitoring, Operational status, Battery status monitoring, Charging status, Energy consumption, MCU and Steering health monitoring, Odometer
  • Self-diagnosticsfor quick maintenance/ problem resolution
  • On-line Vehicle tracking/Real time GPS monitoring solutions.
  • Customisable user interface on cluster

Technology enabling comfort and convenience

  • Ultra-Fastoff board charging with high Charging rate &extremely long cycle life- CCS2 compatible Single/Dual Gun charging (Plug-in type DC Charger)
  • In-house R&D design capability to optimise & enhance control Strategy & algorithm for safety & comfort.
  • Best Energy to Range conversion Ratio.
  • Fleet management system.
  • Top of the line Suspension System.
  • Silent & smooth ride for passenger comfort.
  • Wheel Chair accessibility.
  • Comfortableseating options as per application.
  • Appealing & soothing interiors.
  • Smooth start & stop.
  • Reverse parking assist system.

Drive train system

  • Direct Drive Configuration- Localised Highly Efficient Direct Drive Configuration for Electric Propulsion system with advanced software based controls to meet the highest standards of design, safety, optimization, performance & reliability.
  • Multiphase Drive /Inverters-Multi-phase bidirectional liquid cooled inverters with software based motor & vehicle controlIncreased conversion efficiency using IGBT based power module.
  • PMSM Motor technology-Modular liquid cooled PMSM motor technology used to maximize the power torque & Speed also allows four quadrant operation of motor with better handling of back EMF with Field weakening technique.

Bus Engineering

  • Structural engineering for optimised weight meeting the requirements of vehicle life, durable & reliable for customer specific application.
  • Light Weighting for best energy efficiency.
  • Improved Power to weight ratio.
  • Best layout and packaging of aggregates for comfortable and enhanced commutation experience.
  • Best in class NVH and air conditioning for passenger comfort, superior stability and suspension.

Field Support

  • Trained & Skilled Service support Team.
  • 24×7 customer support.
  • Excellent customer experience 4+ years.