At JBM Electric Vehicles Pvt. Limited, we have leveraged our deep understanding of the EV space and the evolving consumer trends to strengthen our e-mobility proposition.

  • We have set up the world’s largest dedicated integrated EV Ecosystem and Electric bus manufacturing
    facility (excluding China) with integrated electronics manufacturing facilities.
  • We have multiple COEs (Centres of Excellence) to cater to the needs of the whole EV ecosystem.
  • We have state-of-the-art Innovation centers and test labs with new-age materials, science and technologies to nurture the EV ecosystem.

Our e-bus ecosystem is spread across Maharastra, Gujarat, Andaman & Nicobar, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi offering various applications such as city, intercity, staff, school, and tarmac. Along with aviation, our e-buses in the various cities are serving the needs of the State Transport Undertakings (STUs), government departments, staff and tourist transportation.

E-Powering New-Age Mobility

In the transforming mobility landscape, our OEM division is leading the e-mobility revolution with its ground-breaking offerings. Our business in this vertical encompasses development, design, manufacture and sale of buses, as well as parts, accessories and maintenance contracts of the same.

With our robust R&D capabilities powering our innovations in this segment, we continue to deliver pathbreaking products and solutions designed to drive India’s e-journey, in line with the nation’s global commitments and goals.

100 Million


50 Million

Litres of Fossil Fuel Saved

1 Billion

Bus Commuters

1,200 tons

CO2 Saved
  • 12 mts & 9 mts standard floor electric bus and numerous variants of such as Staff and School Bus were developed in addition to the regular city bus.
  • Brand-new platform of 8.55 mts length of electric bus (AC as well as non-AC variant) was developed with curb weight reduction of 1 ton over the current 9 mts model. This weight reduction will help not only to reduce energy consumption but also enable end customers to reap benefits of reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Multiple models were developed in 12 mts Low Floor Tarmac Electric bus to meet the individual customer’s specific requirement in the aviation sector, where JBM Electric Vehicles Pvt. Limited has 100% market share currently.
  • Developed two new bus models as 12 mts Intercity Coach new electric bus – GALAXY and 12 mts High-Floor City Bus – ECOLIFE which were showcased during Auto Expo 2022-23.
  • Planned several new variants under CESL1 and NEBP projects, with enhanced focus on the development of energy-efficient vehicles, localization of aggregates, value engineering and reliability improvement of products.
  • Improved the efficiency of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software. The new improved digital platform ensures Concurrent, Coherent and Seamless release of Engineering and Manufacturing bill of material and aids in first time right New Product Development (NPD).


42 passengers
300 kms daily coverage


72 passengers
300 kms daily coverage

Luxury Coach

47 passengers
1000 kms daily coverage


78 students
300 kms daily coverage


63 corporate leaders
300 kms daily coverage


72 passengers
20 hrs of operation per day