JBM Group offers a “Well-to-Wheel”solution in the mobility space, with a prominent presence across the complete ecosystem for public transportation including E-buses, electric propulsion systems, advanced Lithium-ion battery packs and charging infrastructure. We are focussed on zero emission transportation, while offering high comfort & safety to the end-users and viable business plan through TCO approach to the operators.

Our product offering for public transport includes non-polluting CNG buses and zero pollution electric buses in 9m and 12m configuration. We provide the entire ecosystem support for effective E-bus operations starting with power infra connectivity with the grid, fast charging DC chargers and at-site team supporting the operational maintenance of the assets for 100% uptime of the vehicle fleets.

Our 100% electric bus branded as ECO-LIFE is successfully plying in the major cities of India, including Navi Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Port Blair, Bengaluru and shallsoon be running in the Delhi-NCR region. Our Euro-VIvariant in CNG branded as CITYLIFE was the first ever city bus to ply on Indian roads post theimplementation of the new emission standards in 2020.

Our eco-friendly buses are being recognized for their state-of-thearttechnology and enhanced safety & comfort and have been aptlyfelicitated with prestigious awards conferred by various ministries of Central Government and Local Governments.

Our fleets operating PAN India across varied operating and city conditions are setting new benchmarks, a few of which are highlighted below:

  • KILOMETERS clocked – 100 Mn+
  • Average passenger per day – 0.4 Mn
  • Diesel saved – 3 Mn litres
  • CO2 savings – 20,000 tonnes
  • E-Kilometers covered – 2 Mn+